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A team of experienced and authorised engineers ensures the professionalism of our company. Our professionals use the latest professional 3D design software including TEKLA StructuresAdvance Steel,Nemetschek AllplanScia EngineerGEORIB and others. 

We use a modern and integrated approach known as Building Information Modelling (BIM) to streamline the overall design process. This technology enables the creation of a complex building model in a single application to deliver investment and operating cost savings during the construction and management of a building. The model is much more than a simple 3D rendering; it becomes a sophisticated virtual project expressed in five dimensions (5D). The 4D dimension gives the model another parameter, which is the time aspect in construction. The fifth dimension is the expansion of the model to include the price parameter. This eliminates errors in the project caused by imperfect coordination of individual activities, while achieving time and cost savings.

The BIM concept represents the cooperation of all trades, shared information, and the coordination of individual activities. Seamlessly connected information increases productivity and project quality.


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