Logistics center LIDL Sereď

Location: Sereď

Investor: Lidl Slovenská republika v.o.s.

General contractor: STRABAG Pozemné a inžinierske staviteľstvo s.r.o.

General designer: OBERMAYER HELIKA s.r.o.

Sustainability certification: BREEAM Outstanding

The new plant – logistic hall with administrative part of the company LIDL is situated in Sereď industrial zone. on area 120,000 m2, of which there are 52 000 m2 built-up area. Location of the latest logistic centre of company LIDL has been carefully selected in terms of accessibility. It is located near the expressway R1 that connects Sereď with Trnava and Nitra, while avoiding an increased traffic in the city of Sereď.

During the construction of one of the greenest buildings were used the latest technology with a friendly approach to the environment. To the project was implemented technologies such as water leak detection, valve closing the water supply in the absence of users in social institutions, special measuring and monitoring system and others. There is also a retain technology for rainwater. The rainwater from parking places is purified in the oil catchers and then piped into the rock environment. Across the hall is installed automatically controlled LED lighting that brings considerable energy savings. Part of the center are also charging stations for electric vehicles, as well as all handling cars run on electric power. Refrigeration equipment use the mixture on natural base and heat from cooling is re-used for heating.

The basis of the center is a steel structure. Inside of the building was a great emphasis on quality and comfortable interior environment. Interior materials meet the highest standards. Part of the complex is landscaping on area 2,5 hectares, where the plantscape and flowery meadows complete and balance the total area of the complex. This type of landscaping is environmentally friendly and does not require much maintenance. For passenger cars were realized 140 parking places and 43 parking places and new areas foe handling trucks. To reduce noise from the operational area is built a noise barrier. The execution was carried out exactly according to the plan and commitments at the design stage.

Source: EUROSTAV 5/2016